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CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness Inc.
CODAC Health, Recovery & Wellness Inc.
1650 East Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, AZ 85719 Map It!
Phone: (520) 327-4505
Fax: (520) 202-1718
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If you are driven by your own personal commitment to helping others and the community, you can build on your professional goals at CODAC. Though we are a team-focused, collaborative environment, we count on the strength of individuals to carry out our mission of care and compassion to our clients and their families. We are looking for exceptional individuals with a variety of skills and a passion to succeed.


Forensic Nurse ExaminerTucson 
Recovery CoachTucson 
Linkage LiaisonTucson 
Outreach Engagement SpecialistTucson 
Residential Support SpecialistTucson 
Certified Medical AssistantTucson 
Nurse - Licensed PracticalTucson 
Dedicated Recovery CoachTucson 
Membership SpecialistTucson 
Member ConciergeTucson 
Nurse - Registered (MAT)Tucson 
Peer Support Specialist (Certified)Tucson 


You have chosen your career! Now choose CODAC.

Whether itís providing direct member care or offering professional, technical, clerical or other expertise and support, staff at CODAC are integral to the well being of our members and to the success of our organization.

CODAC offers a culturally diverse, customer-service oriented workplace that you can be proud of. You can have a rewarding professional career and an excellent quality of life working at CODAC.

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